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Donald Isler, a pianist of exceptional interest by virtue of his imaginative artistry and wide-ranging repertoire and a teacher of dedication and experience, is well qualified as artist-teacher.
Jerome Lowenthal, former Chairman of the Piano Department at the Juilliard School

Donald Isler served on the Piano Faculty of the Brooklyn College Preparatory Center for 15 years. He is a dedicated teacher who commands the respect of his students and of his colleagues. Mr. Isler is an excellent pianist and musician. His work here has always been of the highest professional caliber.
Ronald Banyay, former Director of the Brooklyn College Preparatory Center

It is with pleasure that I recommend Donald Isler to you. His musicianship and versatility in performance have always been enthusiastically received, and he has the ability to achieve fine results from his students. He has earned the respect and esteem of his colleagues.
Saul J. Rosenfeld, former Director of the Staten Island Jewish Community Music Institute

Mr. Isler has been my piano teacher for more than five years. I have seen firsthand his enthusiasm for teaching, his knowledge of the repertoire, his patience, and his own great skill at the piano.
Susan Breen

Donald Isler is an enthusiastic, talented musician, dedicated and serious about sharing his love of classical music with his students. He is inspiring, persistent and conscientious. Over the years he introduced our daughter to a broad repertoire and taught her solid technique and phrasing. These are things she will always cherish, and never forget.
Nora Berman

Donald Isler is a very upbeat and personable piano teacher. He is talented, accomplished and has recorded three CD's. His students attend theory/performance classes for small groups similar in age and ability. He encourages his students to learn the nuances of each piece. I highly recommend him.
Donna Hess

Donald Isler is an excellent teacher. He did a wonderful job teaching our daughter. He was particularly good at teaching rhythm. He has a lot of energy and a nice sense of humor. Often we could hear our daughter laughing during her lesson. Today she is playing lots of music. We thank Donald Isler for his assistance and perseverance in getting her to this level.
Elizabeth Kadin

My children have studied piano with Donald Isler for a total of 12 years! Through all those many hours he has maintained his great sense of humor, and always encouraged them to reach the highest goals they could achieve. His love of music is beyond question.
Patricia Truscelli

Donald Isler has managed to impart his enthusiasm for music to our daughter. She has not only learned to play the piano beautifully; she has also learned how to learn. When she plays in recital she does it with poise and focus. I can't recommend Mr. Isler highly enough as both teacher and musican.
Brian Wright

Donald Isler is an immensely talented pianist and musician who happens to possess a natural gift for teaching. I was always impressed by his knowledge of piano repertoire, his high standards of performance, his insightful observations on the music and his many practical suggestions for tackling those extremely annoying, technically challenging passages that are the bane of every student's experience. Mr. Isler has a kindly and witty manner that is respectful and supportive. My advice to all potential students: Study with him. Your love for music will grow, and your playing will improve tenfold.
Phyllis Aboaf

Donald Isler has taught my son piano for the past 5 years. Greyson is the youngest of 4 children and there have been many teachers who have taught them. None of the other teachers have lasted this long. As a mother committed to exposing my family to music I have been challenged to find teachers who are a good match for each child's temperament. Donald Isler maintains a very high expectation of excellence while balancing the relationship with the student in a very caring and concerned way. It is a privilege to have his artistry, professionalism and friendship. We all enjoy the rewards of Greyson's beautiful playing.
Alana Cohen

Donald Isler is a first-rate tutor—talented, knowledgeable, patient, and absolutely committed to his students. His enthusiasm and wit make every lesson a pleasure. I recommend him unreservedly.
Vladimir Maicovski

Donald Isler is a fantastic teacher who is extremely dedicated to his work and his teaching. He challenges students to try different pieces that increase their abilities as they discover that they are capable of more than they initially realized. He is also extremely focused on developing technical skills and making sure that his students are polished. Friendly and encouraging, and also committed and serious, he teaches classical piano with an energy and enthusiasm that cannot be found anywhere else and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to be professionally trained.
Rebecca Levy (student)

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